Select your relic

It can get a bit confusing, can’t it? That’s why we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to select the level of ageing you’d like on your guitar body. The following sub categories enable you to quote your preferred style

Collectors Grade

The least aged level of finish on offer. This is for those who enjoy the less is more approach. For this “found under the bed” style of ageing you can expect to see random lacquer checking and possible discolouration showing off the hardware tan lines. This option does not come with dings or surface knocks.

Players Grade

This is our second level of ageing available. “Players grade” continues from where “Collectors grade” stops. Along with craze checking you’ll get a few light dings and chips as well as surface knocks which haven’t broken the paint. This is also where you will see more evidence of an aged clear coat, dirty checking lines and even the possibility of a refinish (left over colour from a previous finish in the neck pocket and cavities).

On the Road

This is where it all starts to get very interesting… and fun! “On the Road” (or “OTR” for short) is for those who want the look of a well used guitar which has spent plenty of time on a bar stage. With this option expect to see dirty checking, yellowing patches, edge wear, forearm wear and buckle rash.

The Grand Tourer

And so we finish up our levels of ageing here…. “The Grand Tourer”! This option is definitely not for the faint-hearted. As well as all the aforementioned checking, dings, knocks and scrapes you’ll also be treated to some heavy ageing in general. You’ll get more forearm wear, more buckle rash, more discolouration…. just, MORE!
This is also the level of relic that will allow you to show off colour over sunburst/paisley/colour finishes nicely.