SC Relics Gallery

We all play with our eyes, don’t we? This gallery includes a mixture of refinishes, restorations and stock bodies we have painted in the past. We hope you enjoy having a browse.

54 inspired 2 tone sunburst over swamp ash
Candy apple red with a metallic gold base over swamp ash
A best seller – the infamous 52 style aged blonde finish over swamp ash
Aged sonic blue over alder. Note the original colour beside the arm wear.
Aged charcoal frost on alder. A firm SC Relics favourite
60s inspired 3 tone sunburst on an alder thinline.
Solid black over swamp ash
Aged Olympic white over alder
A faded 3 tone sunburst on swamp ash
Graffiti yellow on swamp ash
Torino red on alder. For anyone wanting a proper, definite red this is the way to go
2 tone sunburst on swamp ash