SC Relics Gallery

We all play with our eyes, don’t we? This gallery includes a mixture of refinishes, restorations and stock bodies we have painted in the past. We hope you enjoy having a browse.

Early 60s opaque 3 tone sunburst
Metallic sherwood green
Aged Olympic white
Fiesta red over 3 tone sunburst
Ice blue metallic on alder
Two tone sunburst on alder
Aged three tone sunburst on alder
Ocean turquoise metallic paisley
Aged surf green
Faded gold burst paisley
Metallic gold burst paisley
Light lake placid blue metallic
Aged Blackguard with phenolic fibreboard pickguard
Fiesta Red
Aged Black with anodised gold scratchplate
2 tone sunburst on swamp ash
Aged Fiesta Red
3 tone sunburst
Aged opaque blonde
Candy Apple Red metal flake
Peacock metal flake
Deep Candy Apple Red on a metallic gold base
3 tone sunburst
Aged blonde on swamp ash
Aged ocean turquoise metallic
Candy Lime Green on a metallic gold base
Faded gold burst on pink paisley
Lake Placid Blue metallic
3 tone sunburst
2 tone sunburst on swamp ash
Aged Black
Aged maple neck detail
2 tone sunburst
Aged fiesta red