Golden Era Ageing

My journey through the world of guitar ageing has brought me so many special moments. From the guitars I work on to the customers I meet, I have never stopped pushing myself to learn new techniques and explore different processes. It has taken a lot of research, development, trial and error to reach this point. But we made it. I’d like to introduce you to Golden Era.

For me, ageing is an art form. As with any art form it is important to know how your chosen medium works. And to be able to bring this new option to you means keeping the lacquer thin and dry. This is not a high gloss, glass flat finish. That is something I already offer. Golden Era is all about craze checking, orange peel and the authentic vibe of the early solid body electric guitars.

By keeping the finish extremely thin you will also be able to add your own marks, scrapes and dings over time without them looking out of place. Golden Era is available on all of our colour and sunburst options. Metal flake finishes are the only current exception.

Your Golden Era body will come with orange peel, craze checking, hardware tan lines and tinted clear coat with optional dings, arm wear and buckle rash. For those of us who can’t afford or justify owning a vintage guitar I hope this brings you as close as possible to the real thing.

This finishing option is available on all of the bodies I offer.

Prices start at £425 for a 2 piece alder body and £450 for a 2 piece swamp ash body.