Welcome to what we hope will be a very useful page for you. Below are some of the most common questions we get asked. And let’s face it, us guitarists are full of questions. Our answers are based on experience, not what we read on the Internet. So, hopefully we can help you out here and possibly dispel some myths that pop up all too frequently online.

I want to order a body but I don’t know if I want ash or alder… I heard alder is lighter?

Ah, the old “alder is lighter than ash” argument. Or, wait… isnt it “ash is lighter than alder”? Alder and ash are wood which is a natural product. Both wood types can fluctuate dramatically in weight based on the tree and where about in the tree the wood came from. If you want us to source a body based around a particular weight you have in mind then let us see what we can do. If you have a preference on the wood type you’d like to go for just let us know and we’ll put together a plan for you.

I’ve got a guitar I’d like to have aged. Can I send it to you for a relic job?

We don’t age pre existing paint jobs simply because we don’t know how the instrument has been finished in the first place. However, we can certainly refinish the instrument/part for you and age accordingly. If this is something you’d like us to do please get in touch and we can chat through some options.

I have a Japanese made neck, will it fit in your bodies?

Not usually but we can have the neck pocket widened slightly for you. Sending us the neck is the best option, this allows us to have the pocket widened to a snug fit. Failing that, use a good set of digital callipers to measure the heel of the neck and we will transfer that info to the neck pocket.

I’ve heard a 1 piece body is better than a 3 piece body?

Then you have the best hearing on the planet. Dolphins and bats will forever use you as a hearing range guide. On a serious note (see what we did there?), if you want a 1 piece body for aesthetics (ie you want a sunburst or trans finish with no join) then that is totally reasonable. We go down the middle with this and primarily use 2 piece alder and ash bodies 90% of the time.

Nitro sounds better than urethane? The internet said so…

Nitro doesn’t have a sound… neither does urethane.