Behind the scenes 27/06/20

Another bumper week…. lots of spraying, lots of shipping and lots of emails, social media messages and phone calls answered. I’m a day late with this blog installment. I guess that tells you everything you need to know about how busy it is right now.

As we recover and “catch up” from last week it’s quite amazing to see how many of you are trusting us with the parts you need for your next project. For that, we are so grateful. The variation of what is being ordered too is somewhat inspiring. Keep a look out for some cool bodies over the next month or two.

Last week I promised you a little something extra to make up for last week, I hope some of this is interesting for you all.

I’ll start off with what is quickly becoming the most popular candy colour available – candy lime green! Take a look at this before clear/after clear comparison. You can see the matte finish of the body once it is dulled back for another coat of clear…

Now, it looks pretty neat here. You can even see some of the metallic gold basecoat in the cavities. Take a look at this though…

It really pops with the clear coat. Up close it has a beautiful deep metallic finish with hints of gold poking through. You’ll notice it’s also a bass body (yip, we refinish those too!). If you want more bass action, check this next body out.

This body came in for a refinish too. Funnily enough it was destined for candy lime green until the owner spotted another colour I had in the workshop when he visited. With the body stripped we popped some sealer on and leveled it.

You can see some of the old sunburst finish in the bridge pickup cavity. Next up was the base colour for this job.

Yip, that’s a base coat of sherwood green metallic. The best bit is yet to come, check this out…

Now, I’m aware it’s not ground breaking. But, it’s certainly different for me. New ideas are always inspirational and this has been a joy to work on. And guess what? That wasn’t even the best part…. look at how the clear coat brings it to life!

Yes, it’s awesome. Isn’t it? Go on, you can say it. I know it’s another bass but bass players need love too. Perhaps we can continue with the low frequency theme for now? One more maybe? Below are a few shots of a 70’s body that was refinished and sent out during the week.

This body arrived natural with a clear coat on it. Once taken back to the wood the ash was grain filled again before being primed in white and painted with lake placid blue. Some tinted clear coat was added for a vintage hue which turned the blue to green in random places. All in all this was great fun to work on. Its definitely one of my favourite colours!

Something that I enjoy doing is adding sealer to the ash bodies once they have been grain filled. Sometimes the wood can end up looking so dry and spiritless, it’s amazing what a little sealer can do. Here’s a few before and after pics to show what I mean.

They really start to pop once the spraying starts. It’s always great to be able to show off such beautiful wood in all its glory. By next week these two will look radically different.

I actually forgot I had uploaded some sunburst pics for you guys to see. I’ve worded it like that because I was about to sign off on this blog but I found another file that I had uploaded for here. So, here we have a 60s inspired burst before and after clear coat.

I really need to do one of these for myself. I actually sold my own burst S body to a customer who really wanted one. I don’t play much these days so I figured “what the hey…”. I admit, I have really missed having a sunburst guitar. Before I bid you farewell for now I managed to take a shot of the clear coat bay in my spray room. This is always full of bodies waiting for their clear coat after the colour coats are done.

I’ve just noticed…. blue is pretty popular! Then again, sunburst is too as it seems.