Behind the scenes 25/07/20

This week I have been attempting to get on top of emails and messages. I think it has worked fairly well although there are likely emails waiting to be answered that have arrived in the last 24 hours. Thankfully this week was very productive on a few fronts and I am excited to say that there could well be some new developments popping up on the horizon soon. Of course, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled to find out what is happening.

Life wouldn’t be normal without some bodies to spray and age Axecaster. While I seem to have amassed a lovely collection of bodies belonging to them I’m reasonably confident you’d be keen to see their ash blondes come to life. This first gallery shows the bodies grain filled with a few coats of sealer added.

And here they are after a fresh coat of blonde.

Next up is the clear coat process, it’s at this point that some tint work will be carried to give the bodies a little character. For anyone window shopping for blonde T bodies just these will be lightly aged with some checking and light dings.

I can asure you my job would’t be anywhere as much fun if Stormshadow didn’t send me work. Rich is extremely fun to work for and has allowed me the freedom to be as artistic as I want within his brief. I’m really looking forward to finishing this one up. This is the finish from the bare alder body to clear coat..

I’m very keen to see this one take shape once it’s back with Rich. It has been a joy to work on. If any of you aren’t familiar with Stormshadow have a look at his website.

Breaking away from the spray booth brings me a rather stunning build I completed this week. Another massive thanks to Ernie McMillen who worked on the wiring, setup, frets and nut. Overall, just a stunning guitar. I’d like to get more of these out there but these particular models are pretty time consuming.

Even as I uploaded the images to this page I still found myself staring at them somewhat blankly in a state of aw. It just looks “right” to me.. natural in a way.

I should have checked last weeks blog but I am pretty sure that I uploaded pics of this neck after the headstock was cut. Well, here it is after some ageing and sealer. Next up is the aged tint and clear coat. I think it’s fair to say the flaming has come to life since the last photo!

I’ve got another few pics for you from the booth (before I sign off for the night). The first one is Padraic’s T body which was to be sprayed in one of my favourite colours.

I’ve got a soft spot for sea foam green. I always keep plenty of it in stock and it never takes long to work my way through it.

I’ll leave you with my favourite finish….