Behind the scenes 19/06/20

The past 6 days have just totally disappeared on me. With a bereavement hitting the family it certainly hasn’t been a week worth documenting in a blog. But nevertheless I will show you guys something I have been working on for a friend of mine before calling quits on this installment. I’ll make it up to you guys next week.

Like most of guys and gals I appreciate finely crafted items made for the individual. Step forward Richard from Alder and Ash Pedalboards who commissioned a double bound T body in a classic 3 tone sunburst.

Isn’t that grain just awesome? Sometimes alder can really surprise me. Ash is beautiful… but if alder could consistently be this cool that would be brilliant. The sealer is on and level, next up is the burst.

It doesn’t matter how many bursts I do, I never get tired of seeing them. The next part of this process is to remove the tape from the binding and scrape the front and back.

Not much to say about this apart from keep your hand steady and use a fresh blade. Time to get it back up for some clear coat.

You can see how nicely the top has been framed now that the binding has been exposed. It appears that I didn’t take a picture of the body in this position once the clear coat was on but hopefully you can see it in the next shot.

I shall call it quits here folks. As mentioned above I’ll do a longer post next week.