Behind the scenes 18/07/20

I know, I’m sorry. No blog last week and no warning about it either. Last week the blog had to give way to a mixture of paperwork and a family birthday celebration. I’m still behind with some emails and social media messages. I will reply to all of you but remember that the heavier the email traffic the less work I can get done. Sometimes a phone call can work out better if you need a quick answer.

I’m going to jump straight in here to the new line of bodies heading to Axecaster soon. There are quite a lot of these to get through but first on the list is some swamp ash.

There’s some lovely grain on show here, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how these will be finished.

Recent spraying sessions have included a variety of colours, one of my favourite colours is this dark lake placid blue. This is it after its final (flow) coat.

This body is heading off in a few weeks once it has been lightly aged. I think I need to do more of this colour…. it was a custom mix and well worth the effort.

Now, something I have been teasing you all with on social media is a new build that will be available in Some Neck Guitars (Dublin) in the next week or two. Monty’s Guitars are providing the voice for this one and I have been assured by Ernie McMillen (the master luthier responsible for our guitars leaving the workshop perfectly) that it’s a beaut.

I opted for a custom 53 Broadcaster set. If this proves to be a hit then expect to see more of these in the near future.

Speaking of pickups, my life wouldn’t be anywhere near as exciting if I didn’t have a set of Mojo’s here. These are the Tiesco Gold Foils which I brought in for a commission build that I’ll be showing off very shortly. The flamed maple neck is currently getting its last clear coats in the spray booth but this is it freshly cut during prep..

My aim next week is to have plenty of images of current spray jobs to show you and a few shots of outgoing work. In fact, you should have plenty of GAS attacks after seeing next weeks installment.