Behind the scenes 12/06/20

Is it really the end of another week? Was that it? Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly time goes here. It’s been another full on week with quite a lot of (what I call) finishing going on. That’s basically my term for wet sanding, buffing and ageing. I should pre warn you now that this installment of the blog may be a bit shorter as I’m absolutely shattered from the workload this week.

Something I love to show off is the checking that I do to the lacquer. I think this is probably the most notable feature of any aged nitro finish and its tricky to get right. Below are a few really nice examples

This is the key difference for me between the “belt sander” relics and the more naturally aged look. You can’t get this detail by cutting corners.

I’ve been doing some paisley prep as well this week. I tend to do a few at a time and there is always more than a few to start working on at any time.

As I’m sure you can tell, these aren’t the usual pink and or gold designs. Stay tuned to see how these beauties turn out.

It never gets old…. when boxes of parts and stock arrive for our builds. And I have to say, the boxes from Monty’s are the best to receive. Wouldn’t you agree?

This HSS set is for a particularly cool build we are working on just now. The customer is based in Ireland (as well as the next full build order after this one) which is always great to see. Our name is starting to mean something more locally on the island and that means a lot to me.

Due to my tired eyes catching up on me I think I’m going to have to sign off for now but I shall leave you with another image of a certain body that continues to excite everyone on my social media. The first picture is after another wet sand and the second image is after another few clear coats have been applied. Enjoy!