Behind the Scenes 10/08/20

Well, I didn’t mean to leave the blog for 2 weeks but life happened and 1 week quickly became 2… time is funny that way. Of course, I have been busy and I’m sure you’ll want to see some of the projects and details I have been working on. So, let’s jump straight in!

Before I get into the body stuff I have dipped my toe back into the world of aged Bakelite. Now, there are a few masters out there (Carson Hess and Nacho Banos) so to even entertain the idea of attempting to do this was a little daunting. But it’s a thumbs up from me and it certainly works in the context of the body it was being paired with.

I’ve said this before but I definitely don’t get the chance to do as many aged blackguards as I’d like. It’s something that is on my “to do” list though and I plan to eventually do a nice run of these bodies.

I’m guessing you’ll want to see some of the images from the spray room? Before I crack on with that I know that I really need to refinish my booth (I know it looks a little unfinished) but it’s a job I’ll be doing in the next 2 weeks. I like sunbursts, so lets start there…

These images are all in the same order ; first picture is the body scuffed back and the second picture is the last clear coat (flow coat) sprayed. You’ll note how the second image is always shiny and wet. This is Padraic’s sea foam T body

And as always a rather nice sunburst S body. This one is for the ever patient Bob

It’s always nice to see the paint pop outside in the daylight. This one is off to dry for a while before getting cut and buffed prior to ageing.

As you will have (probably) read in a previous blog, I have a lot of bodies here for Axecaster. Blonde on ash is the order of the day. The 3 I’m working on sure are pretty. With just a little tint and some light ageing this run is basically to imitate how a used. love and gigged 52 blackguard might have looked in 1962. When I’m done with them I’m hoping to have achieved this brief. Restraint is the order of the day when it comes to the ageing.

The next body is off to Montys soon and while it’s in the early phase of its time with me it’s still worthy of a mention.

This body is to replicate a vintage 68 Telecaster which Matt fell in love with (no pressure). I’ll hopefully have colour shots for you all next week.

The next body is pretty much the same as the one above…. no colour yet but I have included it here for you to see because it’s just too pretty to hide away.

Again these shots are before and after sealer coats. I hand picked this body and I waited for a customer with the right colour request to show it to. I mean, come on… you couldn’t cover that up, right?

Lastly I want to show some images from a body that left today. Nice up close checking shots…

The result of some good prep work, a good paint finish and attention to detail gets a result like this. For me, ageing is best carried out with a certain amount of restraint. Knowing when it stop is crucial Unlike many out there I don’t believe you have to remove 50% of the finish to get the message across.

If you’re interested in a bakelite pickguard please get in touch via the contact form. While I aim to have some ready and available for sale soon I’m still selling them on a commission only basis for now.