Behind the scenes 05/06/20

As I sit here typing these words I really am struggling to think about what I have done this week. Although I know I have done a lot it seems to have been spread across a number of different areas. I have juggled spraying, (LOTS of) wetsanding, basic prep work and some work in the newly fitted spray room. Throw in a trip to Ernie Mcmillen to collect another build (it’s a beaut!) and that pretty much sums up the week.

But hey, what would this all mean without pictures? Exactly. So, lets get on with it.

This is a few of the bodies I have been working on this week. All wet sanding now done so its onto the buffing and (optional) ageing. I suppose before I jump to those bodies I should show you a lovely CAR T body that i’m spraying. Just a few more clear coats and it’ll be ready for drying.

I absolutely love candy apple red. Especially on a gold base coat. One of my favourite aspects of spraying is watching the clear coat bring the metallic to life. I could go on… but I had better not. Anyway, how about those bodies ready for buffing then? Let’s do it!

It’s safe to say I love paisley, maybe I’ve mentioned it before? Probably. I’ll say it again anyway…. I LOVE paisley. This is a one piece ash body using Guitarbuild’s late 60’s spec T body shape. It’s a nice weight too, not too heavy and not too light. There seems to be a big draw to “light” bodies among Telecaster players. I find if the body is too light then something gets lost. I don’t mind “heavier” bodies/guitars if I’m honest. They all sound like me in the end. And that’s the most important thing. Oops, I digress….

Next is a rather awesome 2 tone burst S body. This one is getting buffed and craze checked.

This particular body looks fab. A simple 2 tone is sometimes all you need and this one hits all the right notes so far. I scuff my bodies to 2000 grit. A seemingly all too common practice throughout the “relic” business is to stop here, knock the body up a bit and aggressively remove large areas of paint and call it “done”. It’s easy to see when a body hasn’t been buffed up… all those little wet sanding lines are still present. I buff ALL my bodies and necks up. To do anything less would rob my customers of a quality product.

In the background you can see a cool sea foam green thinline which I have routed for a filtertron in the bridge and a p90 in the neck. Could that configuration be any better on that style body? Answers on a postcard to P.O Box Yes I agree with Scott 😉

Something a little odd that my Instagram followers will know is that I love taking pictures of the sky. I’m often up early and moving between my workshop and spray room (these are at two separate locations) throughout the day and I’m usually looking up and checking out the clouds. When I was 16 I was convinced I was going to move to the States and chase Tornados (yes, really). I’m fascinated with the sky even though we don’t see overly extreme weather here in Northern Ireland.

It’s easy to simply say “wow, yippee….. clouds” but I am fascinated with their ever changing form. They also don’t care one bit about the world beneath them.

Maybe I should leave the cloud talk there…. because before you know it i’ll be showing you all EF4 tornados in Oklahoma next! Back to guitars in proper style with something a little different which was given to me to spray by a friend of mine recently. Check this out…

As you can see the spray booth awaits its makeover but that will be happening very soon. For now, lets look at this amazing body that I’m clear coating for my friend Stefan. Flamed koa on Black limba. Such a naturally beautiful combo and to be honest a welcome break from the usual work. Not that I begrudge spraying those classic colours… far from it. But you have to admit, this is stunning! A few more wet sands and clear coats then it’ll be hung up for drying.

I think due to my lack of sleep this week an early night is on the cards. So, this would be a nice place to end this part of the blog. I finally finished up a build for a very patient customer with the usual help from my luthier, Ernie. This is one of those classic custom colours that us guitarists tend to forget about all too easily. I think you’ll approve… because it’s stunning. The customer opted for Radioshop pickups this time so you know this one is going to sound as good as it looks. Enjoy the pics guys and gals and thanks for reading.