The story so far…

The Tone journey

Not so long ago, in 2016, I started to make some changes in my musical life. You see, I was always that guy with a couple of humbuckers and the famous classic British rock amp in the background. That was always “my sound”, it had been since I was 17. Stick a famous little green pedal in front and that was me, done. But that was all starting to change. At 33 years old I guess I was starting to tire of playing the same sound since I was a teenager. But the initial catalyst for my reasoning was down to a guitarist called Andy Timmons. I had already been a fan for years and indeed, I was lured onto the tone journey path aka G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) which strikes at the heart of every guitarist at some point…. usually more than once in a lifetime. Or, if you’re anything like me at all it is a weekly occurrence.

At this point, my entire setup was sold (this was a severe case of G.A.S) and I set out on my glorious mission to buy some single coils and an American voiced amplifier. The Andy Timmons fans out there will know the amp I ended up purchasing. It was a relatively straight forward change over and I knew that I was onto something special. With that single coil based guitar came the usual need to upgrade and in my case I wanted the best I could lay my hands on. In a way, the start of SC Relics Guitars was born at this moment. Maybe not physically but the seed had definitely been sewn.

It was Autumn 2016 and there I was with a new setup and a fresh approach to music. What more could I have asked for? Well, the guitarists reading this will know that there is always something “more” out there. My journey brought me into the world of the high end bolt on guitar models we all know and love. After some research I discovered that I would have to dig deep. Deeper than I had ever done before to acquire a guitar that  matched my spec in the finish I wanted. The dilemma had begun. And as any musician knows, when you are sitting with a piece of gear that you wish was something else you know what will happen. It might not happen immediately but you will inevitably end up selling or trading it, sometimes at a loss to fund the next step of the journey. Its part of the game we play.

I had already become well acquainted with the “holy grail” nitro finishes found on the classics that we all lust after. I remember seeing paisley finished guitars in London after Noel Gallagher used one in 2000. I was in love. But at 17 years old I didn’t fully appreciate what I was looking at. My keen interest in the aged guitars of the 50s and 60s remains to this day though. Im as much a fan of a traditional two tone burst as I am of paisley. The use of colour is one of the most basic elements of what we do. A colour change isnt a simple refinish… it’s a statement. It represents your identity as a human and guitar player. This has always driven me to be bold in what I do in every aspect of my life.

The start of something special

After receiving some varied quotes and information about having my own guitar refinished and upgraded, I decided to do something drastic. I sold my entire setup, again. But I wasn’t on a tone journey this time. This time it was about getting creative and producing something from the ground up. I have done refinishing and customising before…. but nothing like this. Being artistic and producing ideas has never been difficult for me but taking the steps to set up a dedicated business in this field seemed daunting. I can assure you that feeling passed pretty quickly once my suppliers had been sourced. Im proud to say that to this day I am still working with the same UK based suppliers and luthiers that I started with.

The initial concept for the name and logo happened in November 2016 while I was still working full time. I have always loved the flamboyant and retro styles of the 60s and 70s. It was an amazing time for ridiculously cool designs and colours. And that is something I was always keen to emphasise in the work I was going to do. Fast forward to Spring 2017 and it is clear that a part time business operating out of a 5’x5′ shed is starting to gain traction. Its certainly fair to say that I was rapidly losing interest in my 9-5 job. Guitars were taking over…. and it was great!

We spent much of 2017 juggling between a full time job and SC Relics. But it was clear that something had to give and in November 2017 SC Relics became a full time business. To progress from a logo drawn on a scrap of paper to a full time business within 12 months is still something that I find staggering. With the power of social media we have continued to grow the business naturally. And most importantly, we are still a family run business with a reputable name for reliability and quality at the heart of what we do.

Where we are now

We are a growing business which is very evident in the 70+ hour weeks we do. Not only are we dealing in high volumes of new bolt on bodies for partcaster builds and refinishing existing bodies but we are now producing more and more fully built guitars. Each order is produced one on one with the customer to achieve the best possible result.

What’s next?

Anything. Everything. It’s important to remember that while extremely busy, we are not standing still. You will see more and more positive things from SC Relics in the near future. Our business has come this far naturally and will continue to make its mark. We are constantly experimenting, researching and developing our ideas to keep our results fresh.  It makes us proud to think of where we have come from and we’d like to thank you for keeping this dream a reality.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Scott and Laura